Withered Camellia


There are few books I can claim changed my life; books that have made me think about the way I perceive my environment, relationships and generally, how I live. Paulo Coelho has about 2 books on that list, Khaled Hosseini another or two, and a bunch of other writers. But the first book to make that list was Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 3 years ago. It was exciting and enchanting as it was thought-provoking.

Probably because at the time I read it, I related to the character Florentino Ariza: dancing on Love’s burning coals oblivious of the wounds that ate into my very being. No matter how badly I got burnt, I lumbered on the promise of Love inflating me with insane courage.

This was written so much for and about Ariza as it was for me.

He danced on Love’s fiery coals

their heat exciting his heart

as Lent lilies by Wind’s tune.

His quill mercilessly bled

lucid verse on his ardour;

and his violin’s serandes

infused night’s serene quiescence.

Ah, but this cruel abscence

his sanity now pervades

and strips his heart to the core.
Yet he by Love’s promise led-

drawn into approaching monsoon-

yields and partakes of the hurt

as none memory recalls.

Head bowed, he’ll stand- in his hand,

a lonely withered camellia.

—-Mini- anthology: Hepatica—


3 thoughts on “Withered Camellia

  1. Love in the time of cholera – i think i have seen it some where – or have they done a move about it …not sure..

    I think i too have danced on love’s coals not once, not twice …but i never seem to learn my lesson ..:-)

  2. @ug girl: That is the unfortunate truth. That we know it is not good for us sometimes, and yet it holds that bitter-sweet allure that we never can resist!

    They who have loved, have been/are foolish. And we all love it! 😀

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